Testing, testing, 1,2,3

So this time I decide to try out what it tastes like using my new george foremanesque grill.  I grilled up some potatoes and chicken.  I discovered some sad limitations to the grill, but it didn’t work out inedible.  Instead it was just kind of bland, not too much flavor.  It was fixable with a bit of salt, although I try and avoid that solution for the most part.  The basic mixture was chicken and potatoes, with a wet rub of cayenne and black pepper, with seasoned salt and some cinnamon with olive oil.  this basic mix works well when I have more time, but this time it just wasn’t enough for the quantity I had made. So, further experimentation will be required.  And here is the pic:

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Pasta and Red Sauce redux

Its pasta and red sauce again!  Nothing much different then the previous post on this.  In fact the only difference was using bowtie pasta, which was fun from a texture standpoint. The red sauce was spiced and the meat was chicken, but this time I have photos to show what I made.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was a filling meal that I really enjoy very often.Its been a bit since I actually ate this, but I finally got the picture from my phone to computer so I could post it.

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Ahh, a planned meal

Well, I finally got around to going to the store on Tuesday to pick up various necessities.  I found a number of things I really like and some I didn’t.  Couldn’t find wine to save my life which if I remember right, Kansas has a restriction on grocery stores and what alcohol they can sell.  It could have just been where I went.  Got some HUGE red onions and yukon gold potatoes and mixed those up with some peas, carrots and chicken.  Served over rice, they were fried in olive oil a splash of lime juice and my three spices, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and seasoned salt.  All of which came back to meals for three days and a plate looked like this:

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Whatever is left in my fridge pt 2

Alright, so running low on my food Sunday I put together a meal for myself.  Using what I had left over from the previous food, I whipped up a tasty little stir fry.  It uses 1 tsp each of seasoned salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper.  With those spices I fried up some golden sweet potatoes and chicken in olive oil and served over rice.  It was very tasty and suprisingly just as good if not better the next day.

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Whatever I have left in my fridge

Thats pretty much sums up the meal I made on Thursday.  It was whatever was leftover in my fridge. 

The base was a stirfry with butter.  I had golden sweet potatoes, red potatoes, peas and chicken.  Nothing real more in spice than salt, pepper and garlic powder. It was good and it marked my first time trying to use sea salt.  Thats the shaker you see in front of the plate.  I really like the flavor and texture of the sea salt and I’ll use that more, although since its a grinder it is a PITA to do any quantity. It is however perfect for table usage.

I’ll probably make something similar to this tonight and I’ll post it for all the lovely world.  That being said, here is my wonderful stirfry picture:

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Next up Pasta!

Alrighty, so what I made earlier this week was eaten too fast for a picture to be taken (I was rather hungry), but it isn’t really that complicated.

What I made was what I call pasta with red stuff.  Note the fact that I don’t say red sauce because I tend to mix in my own take on the sauce portion of it.  This particular combination came to me one day when I ran low on spaghetti sauce and looked for something to stretch it.  I looked in my fridge and lo, what did I spy, salsa.  Thats right, simple salsa that my male mind thought, well they are both red lets combine them.  This theory worked very well and I heartily recommend it as a way to spice up your spaghetti sauce if you use premade spaghetti sauce.  I tend to since I often don’t have time for really making marinara sauce, so premade is the way to go. 

So using this combination of sauces and some chicken I had that was left over, I made a couple different kinds of pasta, slathered them with sauce and ate.  For the next 4 meals.  This is typical of my eating patterns because I find it hard to cook for one, instead doing better cooking 2 meals.  And no, Goat doesn’t get to eat it, he doesn’t really like most human food.

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Since sadly I could not obtain the monkeys that were requested I have gone to post the first food I’ve made since I started this, some stew.  Now, I’m not one of those scientific cooks, especially when it comes to stew.  My basic recipe, is meat, drippings, water, flour, vegetables and spices.  This particular stew is made up of red onion, chicken, red potatoes, golden sweet potatoes and peas.  People liked it a lot, although I think it was much better after I let it cool and reheated. 

Thats it right there.  It looks pretty thick from the pic, but it wasn’t as thick as I would have liked it (I’m someone who can appreciate a forkable stew).  But it was fun and easy, taking about 15 min all said and done to make, although cooked for 11 hours.

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